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The Redeemers (A Quinn Colson Novel) - Ace Atkins

What a great book! The action never stopped, it just kept coming at you. A lot of secrets are revealed in this one and a HUGE heist turns into the makings of a sad Keystone Cops caper. Not funny at all, just sad how stupid the crooks are.

I read this book in one sitting because I just could not put it down! There were several times I wanted to slap the shit out of one character because all he could do was talk about how great Alabama was. He even said Auburn cheated when they picked up the missed field goal and ran it in for a touchdown. Stupid kid, I saw that game and LOVED it! I'm not an Auburn fan but I will cheer for anyone who plays for Alabama.

Oh, back to the book. Sorry for the rambling.

This book had a great story with great subplots going on and several mean guys, not just one or two, but several. And one of those mean guys will surprise you. I really liked the characters and had fun reminiscing about old Burt Reynolds movies. Yes, they play a part as well.

I truly believe this author is underrated and should have more of a following. His books will definitely keep you entertained and your shoulders in knots.

A huge thanks to The Putnam Group and Net Galley for providing this free entertainment in exchange for an honest review.