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The Knockoff: A Novel - Lucy Sykes, Jo Piazza

I absolutely loved this book even though I spent most of the time I was reading wanting to slap the crap out of Eve. What a horrible, horrible person she is. If she spent as much time working on her app as she did trying to undermine others. It may of worked. But then again, nah, it was all about her. I have never seen such an egotistical person in all my life, well ...

I felt so sorry for Imogene and knew exactly how she felt. At my last job, I was supposed to train this brand new college graduate as my replacement when I moved to another job. The kid never took notes or anything. Thought he knew it all already. Needless to say, his arse was kicked out the door.

This book really brought out the emotions in me and that's what I like about reading a book for entertainment. I want to feel something, whether good, bad, amused, sad, or downright pissed. This one both amused and pissed me off. A great read I definitely recommend. FIVE stars BOOYAH!!!!

Thank you Doubleday Books and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this thoroughly entertaining e-galley!